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Plex jerking stuttering playback (rebooting Roku fixes)

I've had a Roku Premiere+ (4630X) for a few years now and it has been awesome! I use it with Netflix, Plex, and YouTube. I've had no problems with it until only recently after an update I suppose.

The only stuff I can find searching for this problem is people recommending transcoding videos differently for it work better with the Roku but I can assure you that is not the problem here because for 1) rebooting the Roku fixes it 2) this problem has just started after year+ of using these video transcode formats.

I do not use the transcoding feature of Plex. All my stuff uses direct stream/copy playback.

The problem doesn't happen 100% of the time, but more like 9 out of 10 times. It'll start happening sometimes if I pause/rewind/fast forward in the middle of playing a video. Sometimes it'll start happening immediately when I start a new video from the beginning. If I am playing a video and I want to turn on subtitles when it resumes playing it'll now be stuttering. All while the video is having these problems the audio works perfectly fine (just not in sync).

Sometimes it even does it the first time I attempt to start a video after a reboot and once it starts happening it happens 100% of the time until I reboot. Closing the Plex app, going to the home screen, restarting the Plex app does NOT fix the problem.

Even when Plex is stuttering I can switch over to YouTube or Netflix and they will play just fine.

FWIW I use my Roku with Ethernet hard wired into it rather than WiFi. There is no buffering issues, the stutter is like a rubber band effect.

I am assuming this has something to do with a recent update to the Plex for Roku app. I'm not sure if I would receive better support from Plex directly or if this is the place to go to for this kind of problem.

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Re: Plex jerking stuttering playback (rebooting Roku fixes)

I get a slight stutter when I play MPEG-2 videos and auto-adjust display refresh rate is enabled. It does this using Roku Media Player, streaming from my DLNA server. I haven't tried Plex to see if it does it as well. but turning the auto-adjust clears the problem for me. I'd rather have the smooth playback than the refresh rate match. 


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