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Plex - Audio Sync Issue

I'm also having audio sync problems on the Roku Ultra. Plex audio works perfect on our Sharp Roku TV so it is unique to a software problem on the Ultra. The issue only happens with videos played via the Plex App, not Netflix or Disney just Plex.

I'm tired of bad software updates and then slow fixes from Roku. The Plex audio sync problems has happened before with the Ultra. I'm about ready to sell this thing and buy Apple TV. Considering this is Roku's top of the line device and their core-competency this should be the best product and software on the market. Apple TV is way more stable. 

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Level 7

Re: Plex - Audio Sync Issue

I'm having what seems to be the same problem, and it has also happened on Criterion Channel app. 

Level 7

Re: Plex - Audio Sync Issue

Hi, I'm having a similar issue with my Roku streaming stick. Recently the video and audio can go out of sync with one another. Exiting to the home screen and resuming puts the audio and video back in sync for a time but it eventually goes out o sync again. Can anyone recommend a workaround or fix? Thanks in advance

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