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PlayOn Cloud

Seems like the people at PlayOn have been busy.  Just noticed over the weekend that there is a PlayOn Cloud channel available in the Roku channel store. It's a companion to the PlayOn Cloud app on iOS/Android.

I haven't had a chance to use it a ton yet, but so far, I'm digging it. Was able to watch the last 3 episodes of The Flash on Sunday without the ads...pretty sweet.

Anyone else try it out?
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Re: PlayOn Cloud

I know this thread is like, what, 18 months old?   But for those looking for answers I will still provide an answer.

PlayonCloud is a hit and miss application.

You are REQUIRED to record shows on a portable device like Android phone/tablet or iPad or iPhone.

When the app works, it works pretty well.

I am always having probems with it though.

More than half of the time items you search for in a given app give 0 results even though you know that is not the case.
Such as in Youtube app you want to find videos on say Air Crash Disasters.  You type that in the search field
and it shows nothing. Though, you know on Youtube they have literally thousands of such videos.  
Same thing for other apps as well.
Also, when I go into the settings and select send problem report, again I am presented with a blank screen.
But, sometimes those searches work so it's just hit and miss and very frustrating.
You would think Playon would test these apps.  Doesn't look like they do. But, they like taking your money.
So, when and if it works, it works well. If you like being frustrated a lot, this app is for you.
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