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PhotoView for Google Photos

When I open this app, all I see are my Timeline and all my photos.  Not able to see the actual Albums I created in Google Photos.  What am I missing here?
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Re: PhotoView for Google Photos

I had a similar experience on Nov 21.  I got the timeline and also my albums.  When I clicked on an album it would show "thumbnails" of the photos in the album.  But when I chose to browse the album and clicked on a photo, it would show the photo as it should, but for just a second, and then the screen went blank.  If I use the Roku navigator button to select the next photo sometimes it would show the photo, sometimes nothing would happen.  Usually it would show the caption and file info, and if it did show the photo it was usually not the one the caption belonged to, and it takes 10 or more seconds to bring up the photo.

The slideshow option did absolutely nothing.

I think Google has changed something and the app has not been updated to deal with it.  Google said something about "paging" the photos and limiting the pages to 1000, whatever that means.  I used the app about two weeks ago and it worked fine then.
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