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PhotoView channel on Roku - Problems. problems

I am very disappointed with PhotoView–the replacement for the old Picasa viewer. This latest issue happened the last few days to  today5/27/19 - It keeps asking me to re-register--the reason given is that I haven't used the channel for 6 months even though I use it practically every day--and eventually, when I do, it tells me I am already registered, duh!. After several attempts going back it works or it does not, in which case I have to give up and hope it works again. Even rebooting does not always work to solve the issue. In addition, since I am registered with 2 accounts, it only links with one account even though I have two and I have to add the second one again. Then it is the same 'round the rosy about re-registering that second account and hoping it works.  
Ongoing problems before the one just mentioned, which of course takes precedence since all things considered I prefer to be able to view and show my photos, no matter how flawed the rest of the system is Goodbye, random view of all our albums which is what I liked to stream on my TV monitor especially when friends come to visit. It was replaced by the “day, month, year, retrospectives, not half as good. The system is cumbersome thanks to the restriction of the number of pictures. The “random slideshow” when selected for the “chronological” slices in time, is not very random as it was with Picasa. If anything could be changed I would want the random view of all photos to be resurrected. RIP Picasa and Picasa2, even with the occasional glitches, you were so much better. I guess one will say, beggars, can’t be choosers since there are no other options in apps fulfilling what either Picasa or PhotoView are providing. 

 I am not a complainer by nature and I have been happy with all other Roku channels. There were some problems with Picasa, solved with Picasa 2.  I suspect a number of you–who used Picasa before its Demise will agree with me. Feedback appreciated. Thank you!
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