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ParamountPlus Invalid user or password.

First use of Roku and I am not impressed....   seems like a second rate outfit....

I added the paramountplus channel. I went to my roku account and signed up for the free trial without commercials.

I entered the channel and everything worked fine.

Today it wants me to login but says my login and or password is incorrect.

I tried logging in on the device and I tried on the web...  same results...

Checked channel up and system update, both up to date...

Option for channel does not give me option to remove in order to remove and reinstall.

Not sure what options are short of canceling which probably loses my free week.


I have COVID and too weak to deal with something that should work.... If this is a preview than might just get my wife to pack it up and return it....

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Re: ParamountPlus Invalid user or password.

First, understand that when you subscribe through Roku, you can only use that subscription through Roku. That means you can't log in on a Web browser or other device (phone, tablet, non-Roku streaming device) and utilize the subscription. It's how Roku does it, and one thing I really hate about Roku's way of doing things.

However, I remain a fan of Roku because I've found the devices and service overall to be top notch. But I won't subscribe through Roku. Rather, I'll subscribe directly to a service and use those credentials to authenticate on Roku -- or on phone, tablet, or other streaming device.

Now, from the way I'm reading things, you're doing everything right (well, trying on a browser won't work, but now you know that won't work with a Roku-based subscription).

Go to and log in. Ensure you're using the same email address that you see when you go to Settings > System > About.

Next, click on Manage your subscriptions. You should see the subscription for Paramount+ listed. If not, that's the problem. 

Assuming you do see the subscription listed, I think you have two options: 1) work with @RokuDanny-R or other Roku personnel to resolve it, or 2) cancel the Roku-based subscription and subscribe directly.

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