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Paramount network channel not working on multiple systems

I am using Paramonut Network version2.5 build 47

About 2 weeks ago I was watching the channel and started making me activate every day or so. I did this and finally one day it said there was a problem with activation. I restarted Roku and channel and now once the channel gets to the home screen it showed a white screen and the words something want wrong please try again after a brief pause

I have reproduced this problem many times including 3 times today

The Roku 2 is on hdmi and all 3 show signal strength excellent.

I have duplicated this on 2 different TCL TVs and a Roku 2

All are WiFi. Our internet is spectrum.

Let me know if you need anything else I really miss watching Bar Rescue
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Re: Paramount network channel not working on multiple systems

To rule out anything on your end, try a few things. We'll start with the simple, then the complicated, then the really hard.

First, start by removing the app, rebooting the Roku, and reinstalling the app. Then, re-authenticate and see if the issue is resolved.

If that doesn't resolve it, repeat the remove/reboot/reinstall process, but don't re-authenticate just yet. From your Web browser, remove all cookies related to your provider. With Spectrum, that's probably,,

Ensure you have no hidden browser sessions running in the background. Safest way is to restart your computer.

Then, log on to your computer, log in to your provider's Website, then on the Roku, launch the Paramount app and follow the authentication process.

Really Hard
If that doesn't resolve it, then it's very likely it's on the Charter/Spectrum end of things. Contact them.
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Re: Paramount network channel not working on multiple systems

If you subscribe to Spectrum and get an error message when trying to activate the Paramount Network app on Roku it is probably due to Spectrum's auto authentication process. Here are the steps I followed to successfully activate the app:

1. Create hotspot on your phone
2. Connect Roku device to phone's hotspot
3. Delete and reload app on your Roku
4. Connect a laptop to phone's hotspot
5. Sign into app on your Roku and get authentication code
6. Open Paramount Network activation page on your laptop
7. Enter code and hopefully you have success
8. Change Roku back to Wifi or Wired network

Good luck. I hope this solution works. It did for me.
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