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PBS programming not appearing in search

I have a number of channels configured in my new roku ultra.

At the top level menu I search for "Roadkill on Masterpiece" and the search returns viewing options of Apple TV or FandangoNow at $1.99 / episode.

If I search for just the term, Roadkill, I find it available on Apple TV, Prime Video, FandangoNow, and VUDU; all still at $1.99 / episode.

But, I have PBS / Passport configured in the main channel list and already paid for my PBS.

What in the wide, wide, world of sports is-a goin' on here?  Is this incompetence or is it a conspiracy to keep me from knowing I already have something I've already paid for.

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Re: PBS programming not appearing in search

For Roku to find it via search, the channel provider/app has to make the data available to Roku's search engine.  Apparently, some don't do that at all and some don't do it reliably. 

They have this page of "search partners":!

It lists PBS Kids but no other PBS.  (However, that page was last updated 5 months ago so it's probably not precise.)

Level 7

Re: PBS programming not appearing in search

Thanks for the reply.  I guess your answer means it is incompetence on the part of PBS for not posting a more comprehensive database.

Now I would like to ask, where do I update the database.  Surely there's a crowd sourced database of all the programs?

Or, surely there's a way to create the lookup database directly from the program listings.

I've discovered that in a million years I will not understand what all these "channels" have and which ones overlap with others.  I need a tool to list the programs I want to access and to have a report that tells me which channels I need and how much it will cost me.  I would have guessed this was roku's business model.

I found this link about the Roku listing.  Thanks. 


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