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Old Roku player (11 years old!) cannot connect to any channels - hasn't been used in years

I have an 11-year-old Roku box connected to a Sharp Aquos TV model that is at least 6 years old.  The Roku box uses an HDMI cable.  We have not used this TV/Roku box in years, and when we tried to use it last night because our other TV died, we could not connect to any channels.  I suspect perhaps at the least the software is way outdated, but when we tried to update it, we got a "could not connect" message.  We saw channel icons for channels we have (and didn't see any for channels we also have, like Netflix), but we could not connect to any channels whatsoever.  The network connection is fine, so that's not the problem.

Is there anything relatively simple we can do to try to make this unit work again, or is it simply too old?

I know the easy way is probably to buy a new box for 25-30 dollars -- but will a TV made between 6-10 years ago work with a new box.

Thanks in advance for your help.






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Re: Old Roku player (11 years old!) cannot connect to any channels - hasn't been used in years

11 years old!?!  I think anything that old is no-longer updatable, and unlikely to work with any "modern" channel.

My current Roku Express works fine with my 2009ish TV.  If the TV has HDMI ports, you'll probably be fine, and most decent retailers have a return period.  (Costco's and Target's return periods were unusually generous, last time I checked.)

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Re: Old Roku player (11 years old!) cannot connect to any channels - hasn't been used in years

Yes, your player is far too old to be updated any longer. And even if it had the latest Roku OS, chances are extremely good most of the newest channels wouldn't work on it anyway.

As long as your TV has an HDMI jack that accepts 720p and/or 1080p, any Roku player should work fine on it. But be aware there are some early HDMI TVs that only accept 1080i or 540p/i over HDMI. And for those TVs there is no current Roku player that will work. Of course, none of the other streaming players on the market would work either, as they have the same resolution requirements as Roku. But those TVs are now closer to 15 years old. Anything 6-7 years old should be fine.


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