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Level 8

Not able to connect to NAS server

I realize that this is an on going issue, but I just want to add my problem to this topic.
I have a WD My Cloud NAS that I store all of my movies on. I then stream them to either my Roku 4 or my Amazon Firestick. The Firestick uses only wifi, but the roku 4 is wired. My issue is with the Roku 4. When watching a movie through Roku, I utilize the Roku Media Player app. It works fairly well. What I do like about it is that it allows me to resume from where it was stopped. What I don’t like is that it now (in the past few months) randomly stops working in the middle of a movie. It comes up with a box that states: “Server connection error – Not able to connect to WDMyCloudXXX (NAS) please check your connection.”

After that I must start searching for my movie all over again and then resume from where it was stopped. I first thought it to be my NAS, but realized that when I am streaming a movie to my Firestick, it never drops the connection.  I’m pretty sure (not 100%) that it has something to do with the roku media player but am not sure how to troubleshoot. What I have done so far was to delete the old RMP and installed a newer version. I thought that this would fix the problem, but it did not. Is this an ongoing investigation or do I just have to resign myself to the inconvenience of restarting my movie at least once  on every movie? According to my Roku, the firmware or application version is up to date. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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Level 9

Re: Not able to connect to NAS server

There is a Roku Media Player beta test group that gives you access to a newer version of RMP. Send a pm to me if interested.
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