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Non-Roku TV and TV that has Roku on it Incompatible?

I just set my parents up with Roku on their living room TV. Everything works great, except their other TV in the upstairs bedroom, which is not connected to Roku, cannot change channels or function while the Roku is plugged in. When the Roku is unplugged, the upstairs TV functions normally. They have Dish network for their TV provider and have one receiver that runs both TVs. Is it possible to have both TVs running at the same time with the Roku plugged in to the living room TV?

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Re: Non-Roku TV and TV that has Roku on it Incompatible?

That's strange.  The first thing that comes to mind is that the Dish receiver probably uses an IR remote for the near TV and an RF remote for the far TV.  Possibly the Roku is in a position where it is interfering with the RF remote receiver?  Speaking of which, the Dish receivers usually come with a small antenna for the RF remote that can be attached or removed (on the back of the receiver), so you might try it each way.  Also, I believe these remotes have some options for frequencies or codes so that neighboring homes don't control each other's far TVs.

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