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No channel support

So there's 2 movies called Black Water.   One in 2007, one in 2018,  totally different movie subjects.  I WANT to watch the 2018 version, but it links to the wrong movie. 

There is absolutely NO support to report this, that I've yet to find.  There's NO support phone number that I've yet to find.  The only thing I find in robotic online support options that do don't come close to my concerns.

There needs to be error reporting  options for channel support.  All I can find is options to supports your sales.

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Re: No channel support

You're correct.  Both of the Black Water selections are going to the 2007 movie.  The 2018 showing for Amazon Prime links to the correct one from the Roku Search if this helps you.

You are also right in that there is currently no direct link/contact us option for channel issues involving the Roku Channel although the standard troubleshooting for every other Channel on the Roku platform involves contacting the responsible Channel Developer in order to advise them of a problem, provide feedback, and resolve issues.

I would be surprised if this direct contact feature did not return, but it does little good to you currently.

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Re: No channel support

I would suggest opening a post here with a subject along the line of "Roku Channel links to wrong movie" then describe the issue. As it is, the post looks like another complaint about Roku support, rather than actually seeking Roku support. Which is more important: complaining about difficulty in reporting issues, or actually reporting the issue on the support forum? If it's getting the link fixed, try what I suggested. And, perhaps tag one of the Roku support members in the post.

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Re: No channel support

FYI, although Black Water (2018) is showing now as  Featured in the Roku Channel, still appears to be showing the Black Water (2007) movie.  Perhaps @RokuDanny-R can forward to the team.