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Level 7

New Dec 2020 Roku TCL tv channel guide

Earlier this month you, once again, messed around with the OTA antenna channel guide. You incorporated Roku's own "Live TV" guide within the OTA antenna guide. You did this once before and created a real mess. At least, this time, you gave us the option of removing the Roku "Live TV" guide BUT the OTA antenna channel guide still looks like the Roku guide.

It is black, hard to see, and automatically shows, in purple, other ways to via the "star (asterisk)" show with the description box of a channel. Unfortunately when this happens, it covers up the time frame at the top of the guide so you cannot see the time that a show will be airing.

Please fix this back to the way it was AND should be and please DO NOT mess with the OTA antenna channel guide. Obviously you cannot get it right. If I want or need to know what is showing on Roku, I will go into the "Live TV" guide located within Roku.

Remember, the OTA antenna channel guide and the Roku "Live Tv" channel guide are two completely different guides. Keep them that way.

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Level 8

Re: New Dec 2020 Roku TCL tv channel guide

Ok. Figured it out.

First go to settings, then tv inputs, then live tv. Then hide streaming TV channels.

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Level 7

Re: New Dec 2020 Roku TCL tv channel guide

That new antenna guide also no longer has favorites and the ability to see information on shows from previous hours. You can't fix that in the settings menu. You should be able to though. Roku needs to fix this!

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Level 7

Re: New Dec 2020 Roku TCL tv channel guide

Yeah, what is up with all these crazy right wing TV shows showing up on my Live TV?  That why I have never had cable, now your peddling this garbage on Roku!?!  I don't want any of that garbage in my house! 

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