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Netflix speed test and connection issue

Weird thing.  I just finally updated my internet service and router to go from around 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

Everything works fine except one Roku express which suddenly starts buffering constantly. So I plugged an older Roku 3 into the same spot to check it and it is running fine.

But then when I used the Netflix app speed test to check each out the Roku 3 (that was working better) shows only around 11-14 Mbps while the Roku express (that was struggling) shows 40Mbps.

Any thoughts on why the one that keeps buffering would register as 3-4X faster? Do people find the Netflix test accurate? Should not the Roku 3 have a better reception than the express?
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Re: Netflix speed test and connection issue

Different models may have different performances depending on the model.  That being said, the speed test may (in some circumstances) not be entirely correct.  It all depends on the number of hops and pings when connecting to various CDNs (much like with a computer).

One thing to try is to reboot the router/modem and then performing the speedtest, or changing the DNS servers on the modem (if you have that ability ... if you do, be CERTAIN to write down the original DNS server IP addresses in case something goes wrong ... I can't stress this enough!  WRITE IT DOWN!  First time I did that, I failed that step, everything went belly-up, and I had to call TWC to get back to my original DNS servers, which took over an hour on hold Smiley Tongue  Lesson learned, the hard way).
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