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Level 7

Netflix hangs @ 25%

ok, so im sick of my wife crying up to me to fix this.   

Googling shows this was a thing back in 2016..........

Trying to load a netflix show sticks at 25% and spins.  Restarting the roku seems to fix it.  Is it generally accepted one should just be restarting their roku eveyr time this happens? 
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Level 8

Re: Netflix hangs @ 25%

I have seen this happen multiple times on multiple devices besides a Roku device.  It's not the devices; it's that the Netflix CDNs are really busy at that moment.  Sometimes just exiting the Netflix application on the device and re-entering it will get you past the 25% hung point without a device restart.
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Re: Netflix hangs @ 25%

This happened to me last night, too. No matter what I tried, it was no go at 25%. I switched to Amazon Prime and YouTube instead, but later when I again tried Netflix, it was OK..  
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