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Netflix auto refresh rate switching not working.

 I've just purchased a Roku 4k streaming stick plus. I've set the auto refresh switching to on and it works flawlessly on all apps apart from Netflix.

I understand that Netflix refresh rate switching was disable in OS 9.1.0 update because a vocal minority complained it was constantly switching when in menus.
To me that's a minor inconvenience and doesn't warrant the feature being fully disabled. 

Will Roku or the app maker please re-enable this feature for Netflix asap, and let me choose whether I want frame switching or not. 

The auto refresh rate switching was a major reason for me purchasing the Roku and I am little disappointed.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Netflix auto refresh rate switching not working.

Thanks for sharing the feedback here—we'll be sure to pass it along to our team. 

I'd also recommend following up to share your feedback directly with the channel/service provider as well. 

Thanks again! 
Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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