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Netflix and Prime apps don’t display 4k or UHD icons (sometimes)

I have a Roku Ultra that worked fine with a Sony 900E tv, but I’m having problems with my new Samsung QLED 70r. Some 4k program content in the Netflix and Prime apps won’t display the 4k or UltraHD icons- only HD or HDR. The ROKU recognizes the HDMI port as 4k 60Hz enabled. The problem appears to be more pronounced on Netflix, and it doesn’t happen on all titles. Other apps, such as VUDU and YouTube, don’t have this problem. I played an episode of The Crown, shown on the title page to be HDR, but it appeared to be streaming in 4k- although there was no way to check for sure because the * button doesn’t call up that information- only audio. What’s going on?

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Level 7

Re: Netflix and Prime apps don’t display 4k or UHD icons (sometimes)

P.S.- I just noticed that the Netflix app on my brand new Samsung 4k tv is doing exactly the same as Roku. Titles I watched on my old tv in 4k, including Netflix original series, display on the new tv app as HDR- identical to what’s on Roku. What’s going on? I’m having the same problems with Amazon Prime on both Roku and the Samsung app. However, both apps show a small handful of titles in 4k. 

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