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Level 7

Netflix HDR dark

I was watching Ozark last night and with HDR enabled on the Roku the picture is really dark. I know this was an issue a while back that was fixed but I still get it with certain shows on Netflix. Some shows seem to be fine and others are dark. If I turn off HDR on the Roku the picture is normal. The netflix app that is built into the TV works fine so it is the Roku. Does anyone else still have this problem?
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Level 7

Re: Netflix HDR dark

Can you give an example where you are seeing this? I know you said you were watching Ozark but what season, episode and the time into it. I'll check if I'm seeing a n issue as well if you can give that info.
4K HDR TV: Samsung UN60KS8000
4K HDR Receiver: Yamaha RX-V381
4K HDR blu ray: Samsung UBD-K8500
4K HDR streamer: Roku Ultra (2016 model)
4K HDR Gaming: Xbox One X
4K HDR DVR: Directv Genie HS17-500 w/ C61K mini client
Cables: Amazon Basics 18Gbps HDMI
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Level 7

Re: Netflix HDR dark

Both series of Ozark suffer from a dark and washed out look on HDR, it's not brilliant as non HDR either. Roku is not to blame, I've tried it on both Roku and the built in Nextflix app on the Samsung KS8000 both are just as bad as oneanother. A slight improvement if you don't watch in HDR. No idea why it has been shot like that, it makes a good series hard to watch.
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Level 10

Re: Netflix HDR dark

I noticed this too and changed the picture mode to Bright and lowered the gamma settings in the advanced settings in the app.  it helped, but Ozark was still not great looking.
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