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Netflix Connection Issue

Hello forum people,

I have a TCL tv (55US5800) and on December 14, 2017 the 8.0 update was downloaded. I have been waiting for it to help with an issue with the Netflix app, but it seems to have persisted through the update.

This is what happens:
-Start watching a show on Netflix
-After a random amount of time the audio cuts out
-About ten seconds later I get the red spinning loading wheel
-Netflix reports no internet connection
-Going back to the Roku home screen and checking the internet settings and setting up an internet connection the first time it will fail, the second time it connects without issue (literally back to back, not navigating away from the connection screen)
-This process may or may not repeat in intervals as short as 10 minutes or not again for the next couple of hours

I have tried the typical things:
-rebooting the tv
-rebooting the modem

I have also tried a few other things:
-reset modem to default settings (this issue had persisted through two modems, different models)
-reset the tv factory state
-uninstalling the Netflix app, system restart, reinstall Netflix
-launching episodes in Netflix by navigating to the episode list rather than the "next episode" prompt
-disable ping from secret menu
-disabled Test Participation with Netflix

Other info:
-Other devices on the same network have no connection issues while the tv is struggling
-Other apps (Amazon, Hulu, Disney, YouTube) do not have this issue
-I am using a hard wired connection
-Netflix on other devices works without a problem (Surface 2 running Windows 8, Windows 10 Laptop, Android cell phone, PS4, PS3, Wii)

Technical Info:
TV model: TCL 55US5800
Netflix Software: v4.2 b90076012
Roku 6102X, Software 8.0.0 Build 4142-22
ISP: CenturyLink, Colorado
I can provide more info upon request, just not sure what is helpful or not. (I am my "network administrator" so please forgo that option)

I'm at a loss, anyone else have a similar issue, or better yet, a solution?
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Re: Netflix Connection Issue

I have had the same issue for months. There was a previous post that was blocked because Roku believed they had fixed the problem by telling people to turn off the test participation setting on THIS DOES NOT FIX THE ISSUE FOR ALL. I am still having issues as are others. Netflix will force close while watching a movie or show or while browsing the available streams. This needs to be fixed.
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Re: Netflix Connection Issue

Necro bump.... (but all my details are here)

Seems to be a Roku issue as I have observed this error in:
Google Play TV & Movies

I'll start collecting screen shots.
Just yesterday it happened twice each in Google Play and Amazon.

Ninja edit: typo
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Re: Netflix Connection Issue

14 times in less than three hours. The wired connection to my "smart" tv was dropped 14 times in a span of less than three hours.

I have a few screen shots of I ever figure out how to post them.

Makes watching TV a chore when I just want to unwind.

Would be appreciative of any response or support on this obviously ongoing issue.
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Re: Netflix Connection Issue

Add YouTube to the list of apps this happens on...
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Re: Netflix Connection Issue

I have a Sharp Roku TV. Bought it last fall. Since day 1, I’ve had issues with it either freezing, exiting my app to go back to the home screen, or rebooting the TV entirely. Mostly now I just watch a Roku 3 hooked up via HDMI. But I would really like to know why it doesn’t work so I’m sharing what I know in the hopes it helps someone else.

Running software:
System info software version: 8.0.0 build 4142-38
Roku TV: 7201X
Sharp model #: LC-43LBU591U
Secret Screen version: 388.00E04142A

Here’s what works for me (most of the time at least):
Amazon Video
Showtime Anytime
Xfinity stream beta
Watch ESPN

Crashes all the time but at different screens/times:
Outside TV
FX Now
Fox Sports Go
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Re: Netflix Connection Issue

This happens to me with Netflix, on my TCL 40 inch TV.. tv sits 8 inches from the router, connection is 100mbps.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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