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NBC APP / Roku

NBC App installed , and works fine on my phone and google chromebook but when I try to use on my Roku TV the only thing that will play is NBC News Now .  Everything else will not work i try to use like Bravo;CNBC: MSNBC etc. will not work . I get a message saying Sorry were having trouble . Error Code : ClouldpathError/Authorazation . Have tried re booting Roku and re installing NBC App. Still having this Roku / NBC app problem ???

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Re: NBC APP / Roku

It's interesting you get an error message when the NBC News app glitches on the Roku TV. Using the #Roku 3 (4200 series) I find this app frequently crashes the device, causing it to reboot. And I get no error message displaying. I have now purchased the Roku Ultra (4800 series) and have had the app crash out to the Roku Home screen (but not cause the device to reboot) a few times within the first couple of hours of operation.

Since I've not experienced these problems using the Amazon FireTV stick, I conclude there's a problem with the most recent couple of builds of Roku's NBC News application. I honestly don't know how to report these problems to the developers of that app. I've used the app's feedback function, more than once and posted to similar threads here on Roku's Community forum. At this point, however, I feel as though I'm just shouting into the wind.

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