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Murdertown series does not stream via computer/online.

When attempting to run any of the episodes of "Murdertown" online via the Firefox, Edge and Chrome browsers, the content does not run/play and there are no controls available (play, replay 15 seconds, volume, closed captioning, full screen).  This is not a browser issue as other video plays as normal in any of the mentioned browsers.  The only thing that is normal is that when selecting one episode to play, the pause sign appears in the middle of the window and fades away as normal.  Clicking in the center of the window does not start the video playing/streaming and since no controls are seen/available in the window, there is no way to start the video playing.  The name of the episode also does not appear (which typically it does when a video is paused).

Is this the only avenue to inform the Roku company of these types of issues?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Murdertown series does not stream via computer/online.

Hi @MozartFan,

Thanks for reaching out regarding the issue you are experiencing.

I have already escalated this issue to the appropriate team to investigate further.
Once they provide me with an update I'll be sure to let the Community know.
We appreciate your patience for the time being!


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