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Multiple Amazon Prime Accounts, 1 Roku?

My wife and I each have our own Amazon (Prime) accounts and make our video and rental purchases under both accounts.  With the Xbox this isn't an issue, because one just launches the Prime Video app under the appropriate associated Xbox Live account. I'd like to switch to Roku as all we use the Xbox for now is streaming so I thought a switch to a simpler solution would make sense.

Is there a way on Roku to have two different Amazon account available? Either by having two different Amazon channels installed, or perhaps within the Prime Video app it allows you to easily switch?

I'm really hoping the answer is yes or the Roku might not work for us.
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Re: Multiple Amazon Prime Accounts, 1 Roku?

The only way I know currently is to deactivate the Roku from the Amazon > Settings menu, and then activating it under the separate account.

This type of request (to make various accounts available to be switched between) should be addressed to Amazon support directly (it's the fastest route).
C. Shawn Smith
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