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Movieland TV - not available?

Is Movieland TV not working?   When it connects, get screen with Search and About and nothing else. But does not let you go in to either.

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Re: Movieland TV - not available?

It's gone. Not in the channel store anymore. My guess is they were showing movies they didnt have rights to. Because they had tons not available anywhere else.

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Re: Movieland TV - not available?

Same here

Level 7

Re: Movieland TV - not available?

Movieland TV was good while it lasted

Level 7

Re: Movieland TV - not available?

I enjoyed seeing good/great movies I hadn't been able to find for years ~

Level 9

Re: Movieland TV - not available?

Yep same thing happened to me yesterday. Is not even in store anymore. Is dead. It was an awesome app I hope they come back again somehow.

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Re: Movieland TV - not available?

I think it's kind of odd that all traces of Movieland TV didn't disappear - it leaves me hopeful that it will be back. It was my absolute favorite, their library of movies was the best. I am certain there must have been some copyright issues which led to it being removed, suspended or whatever its fate may be.

Level 9

Re: Movieland TV - not available?

its still available IF you have a roku device not tied to an account - watching on a roku express+ at a friends right now - the cannonball run

channel has a generic mountain background as icon now

also amazon firestick still has channel too


i guess a way for those in the now to watch it - but reg people cant

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Movieland Tv

Is there a chance that Movieland Tv is coming back to Roku? It was one of my favorite channels and now is currently not available. Please bring it back! 

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Re: Movieland TV - not available?

I see Movieland TV is not listed in the Channel store now, but my installation is still there and still works, sort of. The listing of available movies with thumbnails is gone. Now all I get is a Search link and an About link that shows the channel app version number, etc. The search function still works but it only searches on titles not actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. Easiest way to search available titles is just to enter a single letter and review the results list. The couple of titles I tried did work, not in HD, looked highly compressed, and with a few short buffering delays, but they did work.

Update. On my third movie today, I received my first ad 1:30 into a 1:48 movie. Now I'm wondering if the few short buffering instances were ad spots that either didn't take, or perhaps where they hadn't been able to sell the ad space.
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