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Level 7

More Loss to Freedom of Speech

Media outlets have no right to ban subject matter just because they disagree with content of speech. Apparently Roku decided Alex Jones is not acceptable. Who the heck is roku to make decisions for me? I am very disappointed that roku has aligned with the communists in telling us what we are not allowed to do. We have lost America and our freedom thanks to companies like this. I will never purchase another roku if they do not bring Alex Jones and any other banned video back so that I can make my own choices.

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Re: More Loss to Freedom of Speech

Hm: I searched for: alex jones roku

And what I got said, he was on Roku for less than 24 hours, and that was more than 2 years ago.  Did he sneak back in for a bit???

A couple of days ago we got someone saying Roku should remove a picture of Oprah, and now we get someone else saying they've got to put Alex Jones on.  Quite a mix!


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