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Momma wants her Charge! channel and PAC12 network (314 on xfinity)

Hello Roku Users:
Momma just changed from Xfinity Premium over to DirecTV.
I bought her a ROKU; she is in an assisted living place and the DirecTV was not her choice.
The whole placed changed services.
A. Can I hook her back up to Xfinity through her HDMI cable? (her first choice). She has hs wifi
B. Can I add the new channel CHARGE! to her roku
C. How do I get the Pac 12 network on her here and now?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Momma wants her Charge! channel and PAC12 network (314 on xfinity)


Thanks for the post.

To answer your questions:
A. We would need more information in order to answer this question.  Does she have a Roku TV or just a Roku device?

B. I looked up CHARGE! on the Roku Channel Store online and couldn't find it. You'll have to contact the channel provider for more information about if they have a channel that supports the Roku device.

C. Pac 12 Network does not have a channel available on the Roku device as well. You may need to do some research on any channel providers that will allow you access to that network. If this is a channel that is specifically available only through Xfinity, you may only be able to watch this through the Xfinity channel with a Xfinity TV subscription.


Danny R.
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