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I just signed up for Baseball's minor league streaming service MiLB TV with a year subscription. Although to my knowledge MiLB doesn't offer standalone apps for Roku or other streaming devices, I was wondering if there was someone in the forum with more knowledge than I on this particular subject who can tell me if it will be possible to cast content to Roku from their mobile app?

In all honesty, as a New Yorker and a New York sports fan living in the south, the only reason why I subscribed to the service was because I frankly became tired of watching thirty second clips of Tim Tebow's at bats on the news and having really no prior knowledge of Mr. Tebow beyond his brief time in the NFL as I don't follow college sports closely and seeing as even though I follow and support all NY sports teams, I consider myself first and foremost a Met fan, I figured this service would allow me to see more of Mr. Tebow and follow what goes on in the Mets and Yankees respective farm systems a bit more closely. If the minor league games got a bit more exposure on Sportsnet New York and/or Yes Network I probably would have saved the money, but for $50 I didn't think it was a bad deal. The only issue with SNY and Yes even though I have DirecTV is there are times where certain programs are blocked out unless you are in the New York/ Tri-State area. Though I eventually do want to return to NY for good, I don't think it's fair that they block out shows like Mets Yearbook on SNY, which thanks to a few rain delays here and there, I'm able to see sporadically that is strictly classic news reel footage or some select stuff that the Yankees air on their network. I can understand when either team is playing the local team here that they would block that, but other stuff shouldn't be.  The point is, if the minor league games were carried on either network, I have no guarantee that they would be available to me. 

Any advice, pointers, and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Now that MiLB has iOS and Android apps, I'm hoping Roku might be next? Right now I'm streaming through my iPhone with a Lightning to Digital AV cable, but it's a major hassle and, of course, ties up my phone.

I sent this in as a suggestion to MilB, but who knows what they do with suggestions or even if they're read.

Here's hoping...

Syracuse Mets fan,

So how do they get Teflon to stick to the pan?
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