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Media Player Bug - Ultra Version

Recently, when using Media Player to listen to music on my NASE drive, it will stop playing after 10 minutes. I've rebooted Roku multiple times. I've disabled screen saver and renabled with no resolution. When playing videos on my NASE drive, I do not have this problem.

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Re: Media Player Bug - Ultra Version

hi, I just wanted to verify that when you say re-enabled you were referring to having the screensaver turned on.  if that is the case then that is a bug that they have been "working on" for almost a year now.

when playing audio files with the screensaver turned on RMP will stop after two files are played.  so far Roku's two solutions are use a different media player or don't use the screensaver.

a different RMP bug is that the media player when going back to an audio file will resume play where you exited.  that is a fine feature when you want that to happen.  the problem that I have noticed is that the place marker doesn't seem to go away even when you next return to the file and play it to the end.  very annoying if you are in continuous play mode and the next file up doesn't start at the beginning.

have you noticed this as well?

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