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MSNBC on Hulu causes Roku 3 reboot

I've noticed this reboot pattern over a period of several weeks. It happens at the top of the hour when MSNBC is coming off a commercial break, the screen goes black, my Roku app dies and I get a blue screen, then the Roku 3 reboots.

I am guessing that it is a Hulu application problem but that shouldn't kill the host (Roku 3). Hulu needs to get their act together, they have real problems switching from commercials to programming that is noticeable even when it doesn't cause a reboot. Roku needs to get their act together and make sure that an application doesn't take down the host...that's mainframe 101 programming.

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Re: MSNBC on Hulu causes Roku 3 reboot

My guess:

Perhaps the commercials are being transmitted in a different resolution and/or frame rate than the main program. As a result, every time it switches into or out of the commercial breaks, the combined Roku/HDMI/TV system must reconfigure itself to accommodate the change.

Try changing the Roku's "Display type" settings (Home > Settings > Display type) to your TV's native resolution, rather than "Auto" to minimize the disruption caused by the switch.
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Re: MSNBC on Hulu causes Roku 3 reboot

Several weeks ago I switched the display to the TV's native resolution, it had been on auto.  I have this problem on two TV's, one is 1080 and the other is 720.  The problem is still occurring.  It is an intermittent problem, sometimes nothing is wrong for days then it will reboot several times a day.  It occasionally reboots at other commercial breaks but it is most often at the top of the hour.  I only have this problem with MSNBC and only when the network is switching to, or from, a commercial break.

Are there any records cut during a crash to help debugging?  I know I used to love to read through huge MVS system dumps.

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