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Level 7

MLB TV no audio overlay

On my Roku I can get audio just fine and video just fine, but the overlay feature does not show up. Is this feature disabled on the Roku?
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Level 7

Re: MLB TV no audio overlay

I wish they would have some directions on this:

Start the video feed you want home or away.

Then hit the * key once the video begins. 

You will then have the option of audio settings. Choose the one you want.

Scroll down to hit close/ok,

The video feed will reset and the ballpark option or radio option will play over the video like it always has.
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Level 7

Re: MLB TV no audio overlay

This is very confusing. Both the radio feed and the TV feed are listed with an audio track of "English," so you have to keep scrolling until you change to the other "English" to get the radio feed.
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