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Re: MKV audio delay with Roku Media Player (works with MP4)

Definitely not a great solution, but used the USB on the TV for MP4 files, and the USB on the blue ray for MKV and it worked. 

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Level 7

No headset audio through remote when playing mp4 files

I routinely listen to program audio through the Ultra remote headphone jack.  When I play video files through the Roku Media Player, I have had occasional problems where the Roku displays that it is redirecting audio to the headphone jack, but there is no audio at the headphone jack.  I thought it was an intermittent problem/glitch and moved on.

Yesterday, I found that the problem is not random.  I can recreate the issue when I try to play videos recorded in MP4 format AND listening through the headphone jack.  What is really strange is that the videos play perfectly -- both picture and audio--when directed to the TV via HDMI cable.  As soon as I plug in the headphones, the audio is redirected and is lost.  Switching to an MKV file immediately restores headphone audio and going back to the MP4 loses audio again.

I could understand this if the Media Player, when playing certain formats, lost audio on both HDMI and headphones.  That would indicate the player did not like something about the encoding.  But, to lose audio on the remote only and this symptom being file dependent is really puzzling.

Any ideas?

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