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Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 26

Don't try to watch this episode because it is all messed up.   It keeps repeating scenes and jumping around so much you can't follow the show.  Whoever submitted this into the system must have been drunk at the time.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 26


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specific what channel you are experiencing this issue with?

With more information we will be able to investigate further.


Danny R.
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Re: Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 26

think he is talking about the lost in space 1965 series which again seems to of been removed from Roku channel of free streaming shows maybe when searching Bing it get this but again its either 404 or redirected to products page, doesn't seem to stream for free anymore, I don't no if its on a device still or not. we have direct tv at home, so I don't see a reason for my parents to get a Roku device, streaming on my computer seem to work fine for this series, not sure if it was a copyright issue with Hulu or amazon that got it remove, or YouTube, since ever other streaming site expects you to pay 2.99 per sites, again I don't no if it had to do with a bug if it went down, and they plan to bring it back up or if I just have to invest in a Blu-ray copy at some point. for that series, also again I don't like the Netflix lost in space for changing Doctor Smith into a she also the actor they got seemed real boring for she background plot kind of was boring about her twin thing, I prefer the original or movie version of lost in space witch I liked more than Netflix series of it. anyway the heading for it was Watch Lost in Space (1965) online for Free The Roku again that page seems offline or it was hacked since it redirects you to a product page now instead of the correct page for it. I don't no if there idea of a fix to remove it from Roku if so that sucks. since the original series is still the best version out there today (2021)

Watch Lost in Space (1965) Online for Free | The Roku ...

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