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Learning Languages Using Roku, plus Netflix vs. Amazon revisited

1) I got the idea of trying to watch with Spanish Audio and English subtitles, and I guess I'll see how this goes, to try to pick up some Spanish.Someone recommended Netflix for this, and indeed, it does seem to have a decent selection where one can do this.
2) Years ago I decided to go with Amazon over Netflix.  There were several reasons for this.  Part of the rationale was that, at the time, Amazon had moved (somewhat) better toward English closed captioning and subtitles.  A bad flaw of both at the time was that in the earlier streaming days, neither did a good job with these features.  At the time, my needs were different (an SO who could not hear well, as well as my own preference to watch sometimes with this feature).  Since I've been cold-turkey on Netflix for years, it's interesting coming back to it and comparing.  In several ways I like it, these days, quite a bit more than Amazon.  Maybe I would like Amazon better on a native Amazon device instead of on Roku, but as far as I know, there is no need for me to get that.
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