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Just noticed an unfamiliar channel in my list and can't remove it

I recently upgraded my two Roku 3's to Ultras and decided to spend some time removing some channels I either no longer use or those that are dead. I came across this channel called The Paranoia Channel which I don't remember installing so I open it up to see just what it is. It's a channel about ufos, bigfoot and a bunch of other conspiracy stuff so I just go ahead and remove it. That's when I discover it won't delete. The option is there it just won't go away. I've tried at least a dozen times and it's just stuck on my system apparently. Restarting the Roku doesn't do it and neither does unplugging for a few minutes. I can add/remove other channels it's just this one that is stuck.

I tried looking up the channel on Google but so far I haven't found a single instance of it so I'm not sure where it came from. Could it be a renamed channel by chance? Any ideas of how I can get rid of this channel?

The channel info when I hit the * - The Paranoia Channel Version 1.30 Build 4
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Re: Just noticed an unfamiliar channel in my list and can't remove it

Could be renamed app. With the delete not working, it skikda like a private channel. Roku requires apps in their Channel Store have delete capabilities.

Another option for its appearance could be from another device on your account. Go to and ensure the only devices on the account are devices you expect.
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