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Level 7

Is there a list of channels that offer 5.1 surround sound?

I noticed that Amazon instant video and Vudu have 5.1 surround sound.  But most other channels do not.  Examples, Sony Crackle, the Roku Channel, Pluto TV all produce 2 channel stereo.  Is there a list someplace of which channels produce 5.1 sound?  For those of us with 5.1 sound systems those channels are more immersive and pleasant to the ears.  Second question, is it possible the companies who create and manage the Roku channels would add 5.1 sound in the future?  Does the Roku Channel have any future plans of adding 5.1 sound?

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Level 8

Re: Is there a list of channels that offer 5.1 surround sound?

I noticed the same thing.  I am demoing the History Vault channel and 100% is all just stereo.  How is this acceptable to people?  Those of us with a high-end system HATE listening to stereo.  There is no excuse for this-

1) The original content is all in at least 5.1 surround.
2) The technology exists and is pervasive.
3) Compared to video, there is hardly any bandwidth increase by supplying proper surround-sound content.

I am very disappointed- not only that there is so little content I can acceptably watch (listen to) in 2021, but that when searching for reasons why, or what channels DO use surround sound, there is almost no information.