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Infochammel getting unavailable error

For a few weeks now, Infochammel on Roku keeps loading briefly, then showing an error saying "Channel error (1d9feb93): Sorry, this chammel is no longer available. Please check with the chammel owner for more information".

I have tried removing the channel, resetting the Roku 2, and then readding the channel. I have also tried a factory reset. Still no improvement. I have checked with the owner's Facebook and Twitter, and there is nothing indicating that others are having this issue or if the channel is truly no longer available.

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Re: Infochammel getting unavailable error

Hi There-

This is Charlie Shappabelli from InfoChammel tech support.  InfoChammel Roku seems to be working OK.  As of about 6 weeks ago, the Roku channel went through a major upgrade to get current with the much upgraded Roku technology.  It’s possible that if you have a very old Roku, that InfoChammel may no longer work on older Rokus.  We are very sorry if this is the case and have no way of correcting this.  This is the first complaint we have received so far since the upgrade.  Please accept our condolences and know that it does at least work on modern (last few years) Rokus at least.  So sorry if this is the case.

All the colours,

Charlie Shappabelli

InfoChammel Tech Support Superviser

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