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IOS 12 new Slingbox app not able to stream to TCL Roku TV

I want to stream form my Iphone x with iOS 12 to my TCL Roku TV but on my phone app it doesn't see the Roku and even after I put in the IP address no way to stream it?  Any suggestions?

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Re: IOS 12 new Slingbox app not able to stream to TCL Roku TV

You can't stream an iOS device to a Roku. Not supported, but I can't say if it's Apple or Roku at fault. I've tried a couple of apps that claimed to work, but they never did. The only reliable OS that streams to a Roku is Android. 
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Re: IOS 12 new Slingbox app not able to stream to TCL Roku TV

I can tell you, with sort of the same answer, it isn't supported on iOS. We are suffering the same issue with emby. iOS breaks ECP to the Roku. The Roku side of things I can see, that code is fine. The iOS side, well..they assure me their app code on iOS is too. As such, one/we can only point the finger at Apple. They are blocking it because it competes with AirPlay. Roku isn't licensing AirPlay hence its cost prohibitive to work on Apple with their terms for Roku. So they try to sneak as much through as they can until Apple breaks their implementation. It is the nature of that platform, they are tightly regulated in their ecosystem and hate all competition so fiercely. Roku being an open agnostic platform can only be innocent in this drama. That is my honest feelings. Roku and Apple need to have a conversation where both sides leave the table happy. Without too much increase in costs to users passed forward. Whether this is possible or not I cannot answer.
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