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I'm confused.. Not sure why this is like this?

My intent by getting my Roku is to totally replace my Comcast (Xfinity) cable! So, one of the channels I like is SundanceTV. I do not currently have it as part of my service with Comcast.

My confusion is, when I went to try to go to that channel, it asks for a code and I tell it who my provider is and then I am told that I don't have a subscription to that that channel with my provider!!??!!  

What is the connection between my Roku and Comcast?  I don't want comcast anymore so to me there should be NO link between the two at all!

I want to dump cable because they say on their recorded message, "You will get PRIORITY SERVICE if you give our automated assistant a try". Priority service? I pay ******* $160/month so I should ALWAYS be a priority! So, since I guess I'm not, I'm looking to bail on them altogether!

I will be keeping ONLY their internet service (at least for now) but other than that, I'm done with them!


How do I get the SundanceTV to work on my Ruku WITHOUT any connection to any cable provider?

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Re: I'm confused.. Not sure why this is like this?

SundanceTV is not one of those Channels on Roku that can be subscribed to directly. 

Sundance Now is an alternative that can be subscribed to for monthly/yearly fee.

To watch SundanceTV, without cable, kind of have to subscribe to a cable-alternative service supported by Roku that carries the SundanceTV channel.

Here is a good article that may help to explain better how to watch SundanceTV on Roku without cable.

Post back if still need more help.  Just be aware that YouTubeTV is currently unavailable on Roku (as far as I know), but will probably be resolved in future.  I just wouldn't subscribe to youtubeTV until it is resolved.


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