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I have 2 Roku 3's. I can watch NBCSports on one, but not the other.

Hello.  It seems my provider authentication is not syncronized across my two Roku 3 devices.  On one Roku, I watch NBCSports with no problem.  With the other, I'm told that I'm not subscribed to NBCSports with my provider (Xfinity).  I have been moving the "working" Roku from my treadmill room to my family room depending on where I want to watch the Flyers.  A tad inconvenient!

I did a Factory Reset on the "non-working" Roku, thinking it would synch the credentials for Xfinity.  It did synch the channels, but the NBCSports problem remains.

Any suggestions for fixing this would be awesome.



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Re: I have 2 Roku 3's. I can watch NBCSports on one, but not the other.

Sometimes you have to go through process of verifying your credentials on each device.  There should be a way to do that within the NBC channel, but I can't say how to do that since I've never used it.

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