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Level 7

I get the Skyline, but neither the Home nor Netflix buttons do anything.

The Skyline background comes up and scrolls to the left.
When I press the Home button, nothing changes. I do not get the left-side Menu.
When I press the Netflix button, nothing happens. 

It worked well a couple of days ago. 

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Level 19

Re: I get the Skyline, but neither the Home nor Netflix buttons do anything.

@WryteOn Thanks for reaching out. If you aren't seeing anything happening when you press a button on your remote, there is an issue with your remote communicating with your device. A few things to try:

- Try replacing the batteries in your remote. 

- Try restarting your Roku device by disconnecting it from power for a moment, and then restarting it. 

- You may need to re-pair your remote to your Roku device. Follow the steps listed here:

If you've tried all of those steps and your remote still isn't working, it's possible that you may need to replace your remote or device. Feel free to send me a private message if you need further assistance, and I will help connect you with our support team. 




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