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I can't stream anything on roku


I have a roku streamer.

I've checked like a 1000 times and everything's ok with my internet connection, my father has a persian satellite connected to the roku streamer and we watch it via WiFi interest connection. Problem is whenever I try to press on the channel image thumbnail, nothing comes on. I keep pressing and pressing but it just wont connect me with the satellite's channel. What should I do? Please I'm deseprate.




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Re: I can't stream anything on roku

I'm not sure how to interpret this.  If you are getting satellite internet, the latencies may be too high for video streaming to work well.  If you are in Persia, you may be trying to see something that is not licensed for display there. If you are trying to view channels FROM Persia, then it may not be licensed for wherever you are.  Maybe I am totally misinterpreting "persian satellite".

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Re: I can't stream anything on roku

I have a Roku Express+.  It was working fine until we tried it last night.  Said Not Connected.  Tried ALL the steps......find wifi, nope.  Reconnect with WiFi name and password, nope.  Restarted Roku, nope.  Rebooted Wifi, nope.  Rebooted Roku, nope!  Nothing has changed except for the "new" upgrade this month.  Thinking about a factory reset, but really don't want to have to go through all the steps to set it back up.  I'm at my wits end!  Oh yeah, I also put new batteries in the remote.

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