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Hulu ending support on older Roku models


   I saw this article on CCN's site and thought I should post it here: ... qus_thread

My thoughts on the subject (as I posted on their discussion board):

I don't see why they have to totally kill the app on older models. They can keep the older interface working for on-demand content and just say that the Live TV option is not available on older models. Netflix still uses the old interface on older Roku models and works just fine. IMO it is a bad move on their part. To force people to upgrade just one unit is OK but some households have more than one older units as secondary bedroom/guest room units. I would have to buy 3 units to make them happy. So, I guess I will cancel my subscription with them. I could still watch most of their content free using PLAYON. So screw them.  I will cancel right after.  I'm sure other will too.

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Re: Hulu ending support on older Roku models

I believe the issue is that Roku has changed the language that the channels are written in, and they are discontinuing support for the old language later this year. But I don't believe the date Hulu is ending support is the same date. Hulu has probably decided that they don't want to support the older boxes with the new language. It's possible that the older Roku players won't do what Hulu needs with the new programming language. 
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Re: Hulu ending support on older Roku models

Hulu isn't "forcing you to upgrade" either. It's not like they are getting kickbacks on new hardware that is sold...
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