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Hulu does not play on Roku Streaming Stick+

Posting this as information for others rather than as a request for help. The Hulu app has not worked on my Roku Streaming Stick+ for over two months. The same Hulu account works on a smart TV app, on the web and on my iOS devices as well as on an older Streaming Stick. All attempts to stream on the app on the Streaming Stick+ generate the “P-DEV320” error code.

I’ve spent hours on customer support with Roku and Hulu. Roku insists it’s a Hulu problem. One Hulu customer service agent, when I pressed him, admitted that Hulu was having an issue with Roku devices, but he couldn't explain more. Hulu clearly doesn’t know how to fix it, but rather than provide a refund they insist I repeat the same steps that are supposed to fix the problem, but never work - reboot the Roku stick; reboot the Roku stick after powering it off; reboot the Roku stick after powering it off and removing it from the television; reboot the Roku stick after deleting the Hulu app, reinstall the Hulu app; check for software updates; reboot the modem/router; power off the modem/router; reboot the modem/router, power off the modem/router, power off the Roku device, reboot the Roku device, uninstall the Hulu app, reboot the Roku device again, power off the Roku device again, reboot the router again, reinstall the Hulu app. I finally threw in the towel after Hulu customer support insisted they wouldn’t consider a refund until I followed all these steps for the third time. (What’s that old saw about the definition of insanity?)

A couple of weeks ago I replaced my modem/router. (Not because of the Hulu problem.) After that, the Hulu app worked on the Roku Streaming Stick+. Once. It worked one time. When I tried to stream a second program, the “P-DEV320” error popped up and has been there even since. I suppose I could buy a new modem/router every time I wanted to watch a Hulu program, but I have neither the patience nor the budget for that. I no longer waste my time with Hulu customer support, I'm hoping that at some point a software update will fix the problem.

As I said, I’m not really asking a question or offering a solution, more just a cautionary tale. If you want to watch Hulu, avoid the Roku Streaming Stick+.


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Re: Hulu does not play on Roku Streaming Stick+

For what it's worth, I have a Streaming Stick+ on my main tv in the living room where it gets a lot of use.  Hulu is one of my most watched channels and I've never experienced this problem nor seen that error message.

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