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Hulu bitrare get worse over time

The Hulu app on my roku seems like it's starting every video with the best quality possible, but after the commercial break it come back with a little worse quality of video.
Then, it stays with the lesser bitrate for 3 segment and after the third commercial break it return in SD. It happen like a clock on every single video.

I actually think this is a problem for the hulu team, but because I didn't see anyone on their support twitter account writing about this - i'm starting to think it's me.
Maybe it's something on my router. Is there any setting that ensure that the video always stays on the best quality?
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Re: Hulu bitrare get worse over time

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out here. 

Does the same issue occur in other channels on your Roku device? If not, you'll want to contact Hulu support to report the issue and request additional assistance with their channel. 

For general wireless troubleshooting, we'd recommend taking a looking at our tips to improve your connection here:

Keep us posted if there's anything else we can assist with. 

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