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Re: Hulu Live local channels are not local to my area

As a short aside:   I also recently cut my triple-service cable package with Spectrum, opting for their internet service alone.  To receive local channels, I have an amplified antenna connected to each TV.  It takes some fooling around with antenna positioning, and it's slightly inconvenient to change the input source on the TV when I switch back and forth between antenna and the Roku/Sling TV, but it's worth it.  I'm saving about $75 per month over my last cable bill (incl. Sling).  Anyway, if this local reception via Hulu doesn't work out for you, try an antenna.  I have the "1byone" brand of 50-mile amplified antenna from ebay, $16-20 direct from 1byone (ebay seller: us-teck).  Search for "1byone" to see their full line of items, including an antenna stand if you think you might want one.  (The antenna cord is not shielded.  No problem with interference for me, but it acts as an extension of the antenna, and moving/repositioning the cord alone changes reception, and probably improves it; this is good.) 

PS - Consider an OBi VOIP (e.g., OBi200) unit if you want a "home phone."  Coupled with free Google Voice service, it's a pretty good deal.

Bottom line:  Yeah, cutting the cable is worth it, once you sort out the bugs.
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