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Hulu App Issues with Skipping

The Hulu App on our Roku TV has issues with skipping.  Here are some examples of recurring, consistent issues:

-Skipping directly to the next episode of a show after a commercial break, before the episode has finished. Will skip to a similar point in time of the next episode, and will not start at the beginning

-Early starting of the "Up Next" notification, up to 400 seconds before the end of the episode. So we must watch the end of each episode behund the dimmed screen filter and notifications, if it even makes it that far before skipping. 

-Incorrectly tracking which episodes have been watched, and where we left off watching partial episodes

We have already tried removing the channel and re-adding it. We have checked for software updates daily. We have explored the app settings. No luck yet. This has been an issue for several months. This only happens with the Hulu App and no other apps. Please help. This is such a bummer. Thank you. 

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Level 8

Re: Hulu App Issues with Skipping

My solution to the skipping to next episode part was to go to the settings of each hulu profile and turn autoplay off and so far it hasn't happened since. I just have to start each episode manually now but that's less annoying than the skipping. 

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