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Hulu - ABC - Roku reboots after ABC logo loads

I've checked in online cord cutting sites - this seems to be a bug, but whether with ABC or Roku I don't know.
Roku is an Ultra, with current software. Using Hulu (no commericials, and not the live version).

After selecting an ABC show to stream, the ABC logo comes up, then where the first commercial would be on the stream WITH commercials, the Roku freezes. The remote won't respond. The screen goes black, and then after a minute or two, the Roku reboots. Often, if you just start the same program again, it streams correctly.

I don't know how you'd report something like this - Roku, Hulu, ABC...

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Re: ABC - Roku reboots after ABC logo loads

@abqdan Thanks for sharing the report with us. I'd like to gather a few additional details here.

- What show or movie were you watching in the channel when this issue occurred?

- Were you using the ABC channel, or the Hulu channel? You mentioned both, so we'd like to clarify. 

- Did any ad/commercial appear before the screen froze and went black? 

Please send me a private message your Roku device serial number, along with the approximate date/time you observed this behavior. We can help forward this feedback along to the team to investigate with the channel provider. 




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