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How to disable an already disabled ad blocker

I'm trying to watch The Roku Channel on my laptop.  I've tried two browsers: Microsoft Edge and Mozilla FireFox.  Per site instructions I've disabled my ad blocker on both.  I've gone so far as to add exceptions for both the roku site and the roku channel specific site, just in case. 


Yet, I still receive the message:

Ad Blocker Alert

We’re unable to play free, ad-supported entertainment if you have an Ad Blocker enabled. Please disable it and refresh this page to enjoy.


Thanks, I've done that.  Can someone please give me a step by step on how Roku would like me to disable the ad blocker on either of these two browsers?  Clearly simply clicking a box and restarting the browser isn't the correct answer.

Thanks in advance.


Windows 10

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Re: How to disable an already disabled ad blocker

Have same issue with Chrome. Sure wish support would address. Perhaps the site is querying to see if an ad blocker is configured and not properly checking to see whether or not it is enabled.

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