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How does Sling promo work?

Will the credit be automatic once I run the app on the Roku and then activate?  I do not have a Sling account nor ever did.    If I signed up , would this pay full for one month and then $10 towards 2nd if I do the $25 plan and am I free to cancel after that?  Also , if I purchased two Rokus is it $70 credit or does it only apply to one credit per account ?
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Re: How does Sling promo work?

It's been a while since i had Sling, but once it was activated on one Roku it was activated automatically upon installation on any other Roku attached to the same account, so you'll probably be limited to $35 regardless of how many Rokus you buy (unless you want to go to the trouble of using different accounts for each Roku and Sling sub, and even then it might not work). And there's this from the Terms and Conditions - 
 If programming selected is less than $35/mo., the remaining balance will be used to prepay for additional programming beyond the first month
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