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How do you know what is free and what is not free.

So I found slingTV on my subscriptions page and panicked because it said 'additional charges may apply'.

Ok, so I didn't remember ordering sling (which after contacting them I found out I didn't), but it concerns me, so -

How do I know what is free, what is not free?
If something is not free, now do I know how much it costs?
If something is not free, how do I know if it is a monthly subscription fee, or a one time payment fee?

ie. are screensavers, wallpapers etc. subscription or one time?

I'm a newbie so any/all responses are appreciated.

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Re: How do you know what is free and what is not free.

If the subscriptions page in your Roku account lists SlingTV than I would assume you do have a subscription.  You said you called "them" and I assume "them" is SlingTV? If, so, I think it's likely that they don’t know anything about you, because all Roku Sling accounts probably come to them as one bulk roku account.

As for what things cost, generally you look at their websites.  For example, I looked at Sling and see they have two packages called orange and blue for $30/month.  (I believe you can add stuff to either package.)  Keep in mind that most streaming services have (at least!) two ways to subscribe – ie directly with them, and then you use the credentials they give you on or Roku, or you can subscribe via Roku, doing it all on your roku device.  In the later case, you will be billed by Roku, (charge will say something like "Roku for SlingTV") .

You may want to assign a PIN to your Roku account to make accidental signups more difficult. 

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Re: How do you know what is free and what is not free.

For the vast majority of channels in the Roku Channel Store, there is no charge to actually download and install the channel. Depending on the provider, the content is either free (such as YouTube and many of the ones that show open domain media, and these might have ads), requires a subscription directly with the provider (Netflix, Prime Video), provide media to rent or purchase (Vudu), or may require you to have a TV provider (cable or satellite generally) that can be used to authenticate. An example of the last one might be Discovery (although I believe they now also offer a subscription model). 

There are also streaming providers that can act as a TV provider for those specific channels. YouTube TV and Sling are two popular options. 

There are a few channels in the store that you actually have to purchase. There are screensavers, weather channels, and a few other types. You can't download them by accident without confirming a purchase, so it's unlikely you would buy something accidentally. Anything that requires a purchase in the channel store will have the price clearly stated. For the providers that require a subscription, you have to visit their web site to determine the cost, as there are often different tiers available.


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