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How do I make the YouTube app "forget" my old Roku box and stream it to my new Roku Stick?

For a long time, I had a Roku 3 unit, and at some point I started streaming the YouTube app to it from my Android smartphone.  It was so long ago that I don't remember how I managed to do it.   A few weeks ago, I had to replace my Roku 3 box with a Roku streaming stick, and I don't see any option for "forgetting" the Roku 3 and establishing a connection to the new streaming stick.  In practical terms, this means that I can't use my Android smartphone to easily search for the videos or music I want, and then cast it to my Roku unit.  Instead, the only way I can search for content is via the tedious hunting and pecking out the title I want in the alphabetical keyboard on the TV screen. 

How do I fix this?  There has to be a way I can make the app on my phone forget the old Roku 3 unit, and make it connect to my new Streaming Stick.
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Re: How do I make the YouTube app "forget" my old Roku box and stream it to my new Roku Stick?

That’s more of an Android thing than Roku, but let’s try something.

On your Android YouTube app, click your Account > Settings > Watch on TV. Does it not list the device, which you could possibly remove? Or does it not offer the ability to enter a code, which you’d likely get from your Roku YouTube app?

Perhaps an Android user could offer better help, if my suggestion is off-base.
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